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You will be fine I thought the same thing. I had the fellas at Northridge 4x4 do my install. I was going to go with 4:56's but when the guys saw how much gear I had on, plus me living in Wyoming with all the hills and pulling a trailer some of the time they said they would rather have me do 4:88's As for happy around 2000-2600 rpm for me I would have to disagree at least on mine. Mine liked to fall on its nose at 2200 before gear install and stock 32's I never saw 6th gear unless I was on flat ground going to Colorado and in 5th I was constantly around 2800-2950 on interstate. trying to maintain 75mph .Now with new gears I'm at 2850 in 6th with 315's and 4:88's and pull hills with out having to gear down to climb hills around here
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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