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4.88 Gears on 265's

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I currently have 3.21 gears with a manual trans on a 2011 JK sport 2dr. I am curious if anyone has had this combo? I plan on lifting and going to 33's/35's one day. I know most people I've seen swap gears after the lift/tire upgrade, but I know I wouldn't be happy lumbering around with improper gears on big tires. Also, I want to be able to tow and cant really do much with the 3.21 right now.

How's the driving/shift points if you've driven this combo before?

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With a manual, you control your own shift points. Here's a chart you can use to see what RPMs you'll be at in 6th gear at 70 mph, i.e., when you can't upshift anymore.

Generally, for a manual trans 3.8, you want 4.88s for 35s and 4.56s for 33s. That said, if you go with a light enough wheel/tire set of 33s (like I did, here), you'll be fine on 3.21s.
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