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Come join us a Hard Times Cafe - Springfield

This event is open to all and for a good cause!

Lets all get together, eat,drink,shoot some pool and have some fun!

Perks to this event are:
FREE Pool tables
Our Own Section
FREE Non Alcoholic beverages
and most of all the most important part is ....... HT has offered to donate 20% of each check to 4 Wheel to Heal yup you heard it right!!!!!

Some come out and enjoy the night out with some friends and for a good cause!

A bit of info about 4W2H

4 Wheel To Heal (4W2H) is dedicated to taking Wounded Veterans, from all branches of service, to off-roading events. These events involve four wheeling, rock crawling, mud bogging, shooting and camping. Our mission is to boost morale for these veterans and give them an experience they will never forget.

4 Wheel To Heal provides this service to veterans through the help of donations and merchandise sales. Money raised helps pay for food, registration fees, and lodging.

Our focus is on veterans in outpatient care, but we understand that there is a long process of healing before getting there. That’s why 4 Wheel To Heal dedicates 10% of its merchandise sales to organizations who provide assistance to wounded veterans, and their families, at in-patient care facilities.

4 Wheel to Heal
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