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48" Hi-Lift for my 60" Hi-Lift (OREGON)

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Like the title says.
I'm looking for a 48" Hi lift in good-great condition

I have a 60" Hi-Lift from when I had a full size rig.
Its only been used a few times on a rig. Kept in the cab.
Been used mostly to pull fence post.

Looking to deal locally.
No shipping.
I can get pictures if requested.
Must be Hi-Lift. No knock-offs

I'm in Canby/Hubbard area of Oregon.
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You can get the 48" bar as a replacement for you 60" for i think $18 from high lifts website.
I did not know that.
Thanks for the info. I will look into that.
Then I can keep my 60" bar for later if I ever need it.
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