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Hey gang, I need some help. I've taken my 03 Sahara to a dealership that found nothing wrong and another jeep dealership that told me my pcv valve was bad... Wrong answer there too.
Ok, I do ok on flat ground but when I get to large hills she shifts down to 3rd and even 2nd at times and running 75 this is not good for second. The only way to get it to shift back to OD is completely let off the gas. By now I'm running 55 or 60 just lugging in high gear till I make it to the top of the hill. My fuel economy has dropped from 18 to 15 mpg. The dealership said they checked the exhaust pressure but I can't pin them down on that question. I get a lot of "it's not pulling a code" well hell, I knew that before I took it.
They replaced not ccv but the other vent on the valve cover. sorry. I replaced the ccv at their request as they didn't have one. I thought that was an odd diagnosis but i was paying them so i did it and it wasn't bad.
I replaced the plugs ( Never changed since i bought it 3 yr ago) and a fuel sensor?? sorry as you can tell I'm not a big wrench turner. If i know what it is I can fix it, but diagnosis is my downfall.
like I said i'm good on flat or if I hit the hills at like 80 it only slows to 75 and won't downshift and start the whole issue.
Any help is appriciated guys.

03 Sahara stock 4.0 auto
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