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Anyone have 5.38 gears and a 2.5? I am thinking of buying a set of axles from a fellow jeeper.
The front is a Dana 44 w/ 5.38 gears, driver drop high pinion out of a F-250 w/ bronco outers and brakes(5 lug) to match the back. has a loc-rite with a chromolly cross shaft , Warn lock outs. and the rear is a 9" with a detroit locker and 5.38 gears The case has the N stamped on it for the stronger case, AND thay are already set up for a YJ.

Its a nice chunk on cash for them but it would cost alot more than I am paying to build them and this way they are done.

My only concern is the 5.38 gears. they will be great on the trail but driving on the highway might be pushing it. but as of now I cant use 5th gear and run about 3000 RPM's at 65-70 MPH.

my jeep specs
89 YJ
2.5 with ax5
35 inch tires

anyone have some actual experience with this set up?

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