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I recently changed my gear ratio in the D30 and F8.8 to 4.88 in my Jeep TJ

In order to track the temperature and make sure the differentials, the rear especially, don't get too hot I wanted a simple temporary temp sensor to keep an eye on it.

On amazon I purchased a cheap battery powered LCD temperature display and probe and a pack of cup magnets with a countersunk hole in the middle:

Step 1: Insert the temperature probe in to the hole in the magnet
Step 2: Put a piece of parchment paper or plastic down so you don't glue the magnet to your bench
Step 3: Fill the void around the probe with epoxy and let dry
Step 5: Attach magnet to differential and your all done.

The temperature probe is pretty cheap and sometimes off by 5-10 degrees but on a scale of 80-200 that's good enough to tell me if i'm getting hot. The magnet is super strong and stays on the trail and on the freeway no problem.

It's only surface temperature but a good indicator none-the-less.
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