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Yes, I'm planning to lower my brothers jeep. It has about a 5 inch lift now, but whoever installed it didn't put a sye kit on, has a small transfer case drop, non adjustable control arms, the shocks are shot.

I'm considering lowering it to 3.25 inches because I think it will be more reliable, and it will still look good with 33" tires.

Its getting a bad vibration at about 45 mph, which I'm assuming the u joints are shot due to no sye kit.

The people he bought the jeep from I believe just put it together to make it look good, not reliable.

I was wondering if I bought the lift, its going to be the rough country 3.25" lift, only thing we can afford right now. What will I need to change? Should I buy all 8 stock control arms? Should I just get lower adjustable control arms? I replaced the track bar with an adjustable one, so that shoukd be good.

Thanks for any advice.

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