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They say every once in a while you should get out of your comfort zone. It will give you a fresh perspective. Case in point, I spent several days driving a Toyota Tacoma Off-Road at the 5th annual meet and greet ride in KY this past Nov. It was for a new program that we are working on for 2021 that will review new 4wd models from all brands while testing them on real trails. We will also be installing and testing various parts that can benefit new or old 4wds.

Don't worry, I already got a Traitor award from my local 4wd club as I was not in my Jeep at the event I took the Tacoma too. In addition to make sure I didn't sway to far off course, we will be doing a long term 1 ton swap into a Jeep on the program so at least tune in for that from time to time.

So how did the Tacoma do? Frankly it surprised me. Bottom line, no matter what you like to drive, we all share the common goal of getting out and enjoying the great out doors and that is what is really important. If you looking for a fun end of year event, check out

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