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So I just did my first oil change on my 17 Rubi JKU and I decided to use 5W30 (Pennzoil Platinum ultra). The oil change went without a hitch and I really appreciate the Jeep design as far as placing the oil filter up top in the engine bay, unlike the twist off nonsense that I had to spend almost 30 minutes on each time with my Ram 2500 Cummins.

Anyways just a heads up to anyone debating use of the 5W30, I noticed that my oil pressure is not running at 99 psi when merging onto the freeway at a 6% grade like it used to before, and I noticed that it runs much quieter as well. The other thing that I noticed is that the temperature doesn't seem to sky rocket while idling like it used.

Just my experience in case anyone is debating between the 2. Anyone here have similar input?
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