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60k mile tj. What to check??

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Goodday fellow tj owners. I'am buying a 2006 tj with 60k on the clock. Full service by agents. Old lady driver and apparently never been off-road. Very good nick. Any suggestions on what to do immediately and to check for at those miles on the motor. O2 sensors? Waterpumps? Thanks in advance for your help.
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1. Make sure frame is not rusted out.

2. If you have the 4.0 I-6 then Replace OPDA ASAP with the Crown or Dorman unit. My guess is Old Lady isn't aware of this issue with 05\06 TJs. This problem is well documented on the forum.
Sounds like what I got, I bought an 05 with 60k on it. Guy was In the military and it would just sit, was stock as could be. I changed the plugs, oil, differential oils, transmission and transfer case oil. It did have some other issues but that's what I did.
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