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Hello everyone!

I just recently purchased a 67 CJ5. All things considered it's in pretty great shape. I do have one big issue right now, though. The manual choke cord is not working. I tried to film a video so you could hear what it sounds like when giving more gas than idle and it chokes out, (copy and paste the following after typing youtube, can't post links yet) /watch?v=MrZ8u_LQljk at about :14s and :51s you can kind of hear it losing power and doing that "womp, womp, womp" thing.

The pull cord is hard as hell, I have to remove the oil based air cleaner and manually open the carb butterfly. The pull cord will sometimes slightly pull out, but pushing in does nothing.

I'm not all that mechanically inclined so I'm hoping y'all have some advice for me. Hope I explained the issue properly.

Thank you!
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