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this is somewhat related, but a stand alone mod myself and couple others are working on will allow you to sync music from any computer in the house to your car. obviously the car has to be within range of your wifi.

here is what i envision:
at night you are in your home and you either find or remember to download a song you like. next morning you go to your vehicle, turn it on and the car will sync to a computer or library you have designated. likewise, if you pick a friend up and they have a CD or music file that you really like they can load it into the vehicle and when you pull into your driveway or garage that file shows up in your computer/library.

i can do all this currently but i want to shrink everything and make it work with my new jeep that i will be purchasing mid march. the 430 and 730 seem like great units from what i have used and toy'd with so far (its basically same unit found in Chrysler town & country minivan) i should be able to rig something up in next month or so.

am i crazy or does anyone else feel that this feature should be standard and extremely useful?
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