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I am trying to sell my 88 Grand Wagoneer.
Feel free to make an offer

I have owned it the past 2.5 years and it only had 124k miles.
I have documentation proving that and most of the receipts for the stuff below.
In the past year and a half I've done the following to it:
replaced stock intake manifold with Edlebrock w/EGR but
removed smog pump and air injector pipes. I do have brand new air injector pipes however, the smog pump was lost.
replaced stock carb with Holley Truck Avenger with 1" spacer
replaced stock camshaft and lifters, timing gear and chain with Comp kit 260H
been running synthetic oil since installing the new camshaft
replaced stock air housing assembly with Edlebrock 14"
replaced stock valve covers with Chome Edlebrock covers
all new ARB bolts for the above parts as well
replaced air filter with lifetime K&N filter
replaced AC condenser & evaporator
replaced the transfer-case seal to the rear shaft
replace both u-joints to the rear shaft
replaced battery with Yellow Top Optima
replaced starter
replaced alternator with higher output alternator
replaced steering gear box and Power steering pump
replaced all brakes
replaced calipers, rotors, cylinders, and brake lines.
replaced all ball joints with Moog
replaced sway bar ends, adjustable sleeve, and sway bar
replaced stock catalytic converter w Magnaflow high flow Cat
replaced stock muffler with FlowMaster Super 40
replaced stock suspension with Rustys 6" spring leaf kit then replaced with rustys 4" spring leaf kit.
you can take the extra leaf springs and shocks in case you want to go back to 6"
Replaced sway links with quick disconnect links.
Custom made trackbar brackets were welded to correct axle pulling
also have an extra set of Skyjacker Nitro shocks for the 4 " and Rustys gas shocks for the 6"
Axle fluids were changed 1.5 years ago and I have only put 2k miles on it since.
replaced stock size tires with 31" Pirelli Scorpion ATR's on Cragar wheels
replaced steering stabilizer
replaced stock setero with Pioneer head unit and pioneer 3 way speakers,
1000w Kenwood amp and small enclosure box 10" kicker sub
The truck has a Ramsey winch that works. It is mounted under the front bumper with custom made mount plates.
Included will be the stock carb, manifold, camshaft, lifters, timing chain n gear, A/C clutch and 2 extra tailgates with glass, replacement fog light kit. There might be stuff I'm leaving out but the above is a good idea of what the truck is.
Great shape for being 27 years old.


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