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88 YJ owner looking at an 08 base "x" model

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anything in particular to look for? any quick thoughts?

its a DD type configured vehicle and thats what I would use it as.
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Dealer or private party? I can tell you from experience many of the early models tend to burn oil. Not a big deal if you keep an eye on it. If it's a manual a lot of them pop out of first gear as well. I also know from experience heh. Other than that though my Jeep has been very reliable for the last 30k miles.
yeah - speed at a dealer. vehicle history shows an accident but it doesn't look like anything major.

its about $4K under KBB for my area so very curious. is it just that its an 8 year old base model jeep that doesn't really have anything going for it - or is there more than meets the eye!
Bought my 08 2door in May, for $3500 under KBB & other local offerings ($17800). No A/C, auto, 43k miles, basic 130 RES radio, 18" Sahara wheels with new Yokohama tires. Very clean, but has some damage to the hardtop (looks like it was dropped, there is a crack running thru one bolt hole). Burns a little under a quart of oil per change (just did the 3k LOF). 15+mpg, it's my dd.... Love the damn thing! Most fun you can have while nekkid!!!

If I'd been more knowledgeable about Jeeps, I'd have been better prepared to deal with the top repair/repaint issues... a/c isn't vital here in the GNW; it's not the temps that get me, but the noise of the road....

You should be able to find a decent 08 JK for well under $20k... you won't regret getting one... Good luck!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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