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Hey guys. Just picked up an 89 yj 2.5 5 speed. The guy said it needed a little tlc. Well that was an understatement. I've replaced the map sensor, tps, idle control motor, intake/exhaust manifold gasket. I've also thoroughly checked for vacuum leaks. I still have a high idle. When I start the jeep in the morning it idles at 900-1000rpms after about 5 min it climbs up to 1700-2000rpms. The idles is also very choppy when it first starts. And it will want to come down to 500 rpms then go back up to where it was. It goes up and down like that unless I blip the throttle a couple times. It only does this when It's cold. It's always hard starting though. And the idle is always high. I'm really wanting to blame the ignition control module. But I'm not sure.

Okay, so another thing. Once it gets up to temperature and I'm driving it down the road, all I smell is burning oil. Now it's not like this until it's up to temperature. I just replaced the Pcv valve an grommet because the old one leaked. When I stop and look under the hood I can see oil all around the Pcv valve. The oil pressure also jumps all over the place but it never goes below 30 and above 80. Yes this could be a faulty oil pressure sending unit, but there's got to be a correlation there between the burning oil and erratic oil pressure.

I'm just really at a loss with this thing. Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks.
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