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91 yj top question

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my jeep has the diagonal roll bars. i've got an outlander soft top for it. i can not for the life of me figure out how to fold the top down without having to take the top completely off of its frame. once the cloth part is off, i can fold up the frame and lay it down. but its not at all convienent to have the frame and top seperate. is there any way to fold the top down (leaving it attached to the frame)
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It should fold up. You aren't trying to fold it up while on the jeep, are you?
is there any way to keep the top on its frame and fold it down. i know the frame folds down with the top off. but can i unhook the top from the jeep itself (windshield and back channels) then fold it down with the frame? or do i have to take the top off of the frame?
Mine folds up to an extent. Enough for storage, but the engineers didn't have the foresight like they did when they designed the TJ top.
The bestop for my yj folds down completely while on the frame. That is why, when someone asks, I always recommend bestop.
i still think we're not on the same level here.... i cna take the top off the frame and fold it up. i wanna know if it will fold down and stay on the frame (like a convertible) so that its easy to put back on (just set the frame back up
this is the top mine came with, my next will be bestop
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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