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Ok, here we go. I am not into rock climbing. I bought this to sell, so I
can buy a regular jeep to drive every day. I have to go the long way around to get things done at times. It has a ford 9 inch rear end with Yukon axels, Dana 44 on the front axel, with ford hubs. Both have
spool lock, It has a 4.3 v6 motor and automatic trans from a 92 S-10. The guy I bought it
off of says he heard the motor run before he put it in the jeep. All
bushings and mounts on frame have all been replaced with new. I don't know what half of
this stuff is, but I figured I could put it together to sell. All of the
seats are there, no rips, in great shape. Tires are new 35 10.5 15, Super
Swampers. The tub is off, easier to work on drive shafts,
brakes, steering box. This will be a nice looking jeep, when done. No rust
on body except the front left fender, thats it. Have windshield frame and
glass. No top or doors. Here is my problem, I was going to switch it over to a carberater,but I have changed my mind. I think it will sell better with throttle body fuel injection. I don't know what to do with all of the wires, I have all of the wiring harness on the jeep. I also have all of the wiring harness off of the s-10. Do they make something that I could use both? Could someone give me some clues?

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