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Hi, I`m working on my friends 1/95 wrangler 2.5

He told me it shuts down when the gauge hits 1/4 tank, so I replaced the fuel pump since it`s 130,000 and the original pump.

after replaceing the pump the problem is still there. It will run shortly about a mile then shut down. Let it sit for a few min with the key off and it will start and go another mile. (Added fuel and it made no difference.)

I`ve replaced the fuel pump relay and when it didn`t fix the problem replaced the auto shut down relay with the old fp relay.

I have a guage on it (40 psi ) when it dies there`s no fuel pressure. I think something is heating up and shutting off the current. That`s why I was hoping it was the relays.

My s10 has a bypass wire to check just the fuel pump does this jeep have the same thing?

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