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Hello all! Ok so I managed to most likely throw a piston on my 1990 2.5 manual trans. I got a great deal on a 2.5 motor and did get the wiring harness and computer as well. At this point in time, because the jeep is my dd, I think my best option is to keep the TBI setup and upgrade when I have the finances and a backup vehicle since I'd have to also address fuel pump/tank yada yada. So basically, I'm going to just switch accessories from my tbi setup to the new engine. I'm fairly certain it's not too difficult but would appreciate any insight, especially from anyone who has done this before. Here are my thoughts/understandings so far:

Parts that need to be switched over from TBI engine:
wiring harness/ecm
ignition coil
power steering pump/lines
Intake/Exhaust manifolds
water pump
throttle body

On the 95 engine I plan to replace oil pan/valve cover and head gaskets just because I can. Clearly the intake/exhaust gasket will also be changed because I know the bitch it is trying to do that with the engine installed. :banghead:

Things I have questions about:
Figuring out how to adapt fan belts to newer motor
Front temp sensor

I figure since I'll have plenty of room to work once we pull the old engine I should also try to update some other things (within a reasonable amount of cost). Radiator will be replaced, as well as a lot of vacuum lines, cooling hoses, etc. Fan upgrade is planned for the near future but not in the budget/time frame right now.

Heater core has been replaced and blower motor upgrade was done. Had a lot of work done in May including new throttle body, alternator and ecm.

If anyone has suggestions about either the engine swap or other components to replace while I have the engine out I'd greatly appreciate the input. Otherwise, I'll keep this post updated with progress as I go. Thanks in advance! :punk:
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