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This is my 95 yj it has 170,000 miles on it. It also has the 2.5l, paired with a 5 speed manual tranny. This will be my daily driver for the next 2 years at a minimum.

Current Upgrades
new head unit
new sound bar
31 inch tires with a 1 inch shackle lift (this will come off)

Current Problems
Their is a whole in the driver side floor board
The passanger side floor pan is rusted but salvageable
gas tank skid plate has rusted away
drivers side running light is cracked
passenger side fender is rusting away from the bottom
rear main seal has a slow leak
ac compressor is missing yet their is a bracket and a controller for it in the dash
Hood paint is gone and is currently down to the primer

I do plan to lift it at some point but I first need to get the current problems fixed

I will try to keep you guys updated at least once a week
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