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i used to have a 00 4 cyl, the head was amazing, with a soft top and slider upper windows. not even really drafty.

now i have a 97 4 cyl hard top and normal plastic upper windows, the heat is eeehhhh,, it keeps it luke warm. ] i did new t stat, flush the heater core, ( i have no restriction ) the temp stays just under 210, where my 00 was always right at 210, and i used the same 195 stat, is the heating system different on the 97 like everything else then from a 98 or 99+?

im about to get a 97 6 cyl, as i expected to have the same problem?

my other questions,
now i have not seen a 97 with momentary wipers, tilt column, acc position on the ign., and the heat mentioned above,

are you able to take the momentary switch for the wipers from a 98 or 99 and will it work?
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