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Hello gents,

I'am new to this forum but have use it many times already for fixing problems on my wrangler. I recently scored a deal this weekend and picked up 2 brand spanking new half doors with mopar windows for $250 dollars. I went to go put them on and they close but they don't close right it takes some effort to close them not much though. I know for a fact the doors are not hitting the striker correctly and it is taking the paint off. I found that my window hinge brackets are slightly bent differently so I ordered 2 new brackets on ebay Saturday night but I noticed that the bracket behind the striker on the passenger side has broke off spot welds to the fender and the passenger side rear fender is pushed out. attached will be pictures of the driver side and passenger side brackets. I was going to bring everything to a body shop and see if they can fix it. any recommendations as to how to get these doors on right is much appreciated if I can save the money from not going to the body shop.


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