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Hey guys and gals I am new to the forum but it seemed like a very knolageable place about Wranglers. I own a 97 TJ with 144,000 miles on it with the SE 4 banger engine in it with an auto transmission. I recently have run into 2 problems within the last week. My first problem that occurred is my jeep has a weird whistling noise coming from the engine area and I notice it only happens when it's cold outside or if my engine has not been running long. I also notice a power loss when the whistle occurs. And just today I have another weird noise in the rear sounds like near the passenger side rear wheel or muffler, it sounds like metal rattling around in that area. Again my engine was recently started when this noise occurred but in a area opposite of the whistling noise. I could not hear it unless I was standing outside of my jeep and when I got to work I let it idle in the parking lot for about 10 minutes and the noise went away. Not sure if the 2 problems are related or not. But I would like some things to check out. And it is not my mirror mount or rear tire. Thanks !!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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