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First things first, I am in early stages of building my TJ with a R2.8 Cummins swap. Also doing a custom 3/4 link at the same time.

Current specs:
97 Jeep TJ
2.5L, AX5, NP231
Teraflex CRD60 rear w/ ARB locker
Dana 30 front w/ Eaton e-locker
Teraflex 5" springs
Custom front and rear bumpers

Cummins R2.8, AX15, new input shaft to existing NP231
Famstrong engine mounts
Quickdraw bell housing AX15 to R2.8
Artec 4 and 3 ling brackets
Custom trusses
Ballistic Fab Joints

Missing a lot of the details here. I will try to include the details of what I am doing the best I can.


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