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97 tj Wrangler blank canvas

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So I have decided the time has come to make my Jeep a bit more capable. I'm thinking about starting with suspension (maybe old man emu nitrochargers) steering stabiliser and go from there. I'm pretty open to ideas but I have decided to go no lift.
Where do I start?
97 TJ Wrangler
4 litre
190000 KMs
Arb bullbar
Tjm tow bar
Rest stock
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On my first Jeep (1980 CJ5) after reading and asking a lot of questions, I focused on the rear axle first. I bought Warn full floating axles (stronger axles) and a Detroit locker. That was the best thing I ever did to it to make it "more capable".

I wasn't going to do a lift ether at the time but seeing what it could do with a locker next came the lift and bigger tires.
Shocks are a good start. Maybe some under armor, and a winch. front sway bar disco's or a Currie Anti Rock will open up a lot of offroading possibilities.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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