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1997 TJ Jeep Wrangler 2dr Sport
I6, manual transmission
Hard and Soft Top
180,xxx miles

Divorce sale, so you know the drill... Being a 20+ year old truck, it does have ‘areas for improvement’, depending on your personal taste.

This was originally built with a soft top, hence why it has soft top doors. I replaced the soft top door uppers, as well as purchased the hard top. Hard top has rear defroster and rear wiper, but are not currently wired in. I have a bimini top in good, as well as a duster style cover in average condition. I also purchased a newer soft top, and have the required door surrounds.

I purchased newer JK wheels and tires. In order to install JK wheels onto a TJ, adapters (spacers) were required, as it’s a different bolt pattern. I also purchased the required adapter to mount the full size spare to the rear carrier.

I upgraded headlights to JW Speaker LEDs, as well as the auxiliary (fog) lights to JW Speaker LEDs.

Jeep has air conditioning, but it has not worked during my ownership, nor have I attempted to repair it. Heat blows hot, and fan works on all speeds. It’s due for rear brakes.

Once the rear brakes are replaced, the parking brake will work better. I’ve performed regular repairs and preventative maintenance. Including, but not limited to: pinion seals, CV joints, ball joints, plugs, wires, cap & rotor, rear differential spider gears, steering stabilizer, radiator, serpentine belt, alternator, and windshield.

I regularly changed all fluids, including engine, transmission, transfer case and both differentials. It could use a new valve cover gasket. Frame is solid. There’s rust, yes, but structurally sound. I apply undercoating every fall. Jeep has a legitimate lift kit. Lift was installed prior to my purchase, so brand is unknown. I installed the side steps.

Exterior, while solid, has some visible rust. All components continue to be 100% structurally intact, and no body work has been filled or repaired by me.

Manual transmission works well. Third gear syncro is somewhat ‘particular’, and has been since I purchased it over 5 years ago. It has not shown any signs of getting worse. I’m currently running Red Line MTL synthetic. Flywheel could stand to be resurfaced. On hot days, some feedback can be felt pulling away from a standing start.

Interior is in descent condition. Driver seat has a tear in the cover. Shift boot is torn, and ash tray cover is missing. All three seem to be common among TJ’s for some reason. Has rear folding bench, which is easily removable. There’s an aftermarket stereo, with removable faceplate. Includes overhead speaker bar with functional interior light.

Four wheel drive works flawlessly, and dominates in the snow. Likewise, 4L, although I’ve only used this to confirm it works. The 4WD dash light doesn’t work, but that’s purely cosmetic. If it bothers you, I believe it’s the switch on the transfer case that needs replacing. Engine runs starts, idles, and purrs perfectly. If you know TJ’s, you know these engines are rock solid.

I feel this truck has great bones. I mainly used this for my 7 mile work commute. I hoped to find local logging roads to cruise with my kids, but this never happened. This Jeep hasn’t been off-road during my ownership. This truck has never left me stranded, and absolutely dominates when the snow flies. As mentioned, divorce forcing this sale, so I guess it’s time for this fun truck to get passed on to its new owner.

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