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98 4.0 Crank But No Start...

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98 Sahara 4.0 with 128k miles.

Some History: I was having issues with a delayed start, crank 4-5 seconds then it would fire up. Upon short shut down times like running into a store it would fire up normally. Then one day nothing, no fire but strong crank. I thought it might be a bad fuel pump and/or fuel pressure regulator so I dropped the tank and put a whole new unit in. Also bought a brand new battery and have a full charge, terminals are on nice and tight.

Currently: I get everything to light up, gauges work, I can hear the pump kick on and cranks really strong however no fire. I had a kill switch put in a year or so ago and I'm wondering if something got loose there since the sound of cranking when the kill switch is on is the same as I'm getting now. I think they by passed the core to make the kill switch work?? Not sure though. Its in my garage and I hate to pay for towing to a shop because then I'm either stuck paying the shop for repairs or paying to tow it back.

Any Ideas??? Much Appreciated.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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