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98 TJ having problems with PCM i believe

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alright i have a 98 tj with 125,000 on it.turn the key to accessory and my fuel pump primes and i get good fuel pressure.once i turn the motor over i lose all fuel pressure,i also hooked up some node lights and they dont fire when turning the motor also getting no far ive swapped out the cps,coil,and distributor pickup.i put my PCM into my friends wrangler and it did the same exact thing as mine,no fuel/ i believe my problem is my pcm but i thought i would ask here first for other things to try.all help is apprecaited!:wavey:
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I was having very similar issues, I couldn't find the problem my self so I had it towed to a garage. They told me the PCM was dead. They said the dealer is the only place they can find it and are quoating me 850 for parts and labor.
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