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I am a newbie to Wranglers, never had one before, but have had Jeeps in the Past. I am pretty good with tools and fixing stuff, but this issue has me stumped.

My daughter got a new to her 99 Wrangler with the 4cyl Automatic 3 Speed Tranny, NP231 Transfer case. So one of my buddies and I removed the Transfer Case, as it is leaking Transmission fluid from between the Transfer Case and the Extension off the back of the Transmission. We replaced the Output shaft seal on the Transmission and also on the Transfer Case Input seal. We greased up the gears, made sure all mating surfaces were perfectly clean and good to go, and they are.

We put it back together, and it did not leak, until she drove it for a day, now its leaking like a faucet again! It will sit and be fine, but when she drives it and it gets warm/hot then comes back it will drain about 1/2 qt out in the drive way in a a few hours.

I am at a loss, as it looks to be in the same location where it is leaking.

Any help you can give me would be great!

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