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So one day I got bored and decided that because I didn't need my backseat because everyone is to scared to ride in my YJ. So i started by ripping out my backseat.
Vehicle Red Car City car
Table Automotive exterior Floor Bumper Furniture

After the seat was out I started working on my new "better" backseat.
Furniture Wood Floor Trunk Automotive exterior

the bottom "secure storage" is all complete it's just a simple frame with supports for the top platform that comes up level to the wheel wells. It is a tight fit because of 4 screws that were in the middle of the wheel well and stuck out about a quarter inch on each side. and it made it difficult to fit in, it made it nice to keep it from moving during driving and.

Now it's all done and I have a Bitchin' "backseat"
Vehicle Car City car
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