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I have a leaky Schrader at the A/C high pressure port but the Jeep dealer doesn't have a part number for just the Schrader valve. They want to sell the whole high pressure line. There's no way I'm going to change that line. The Schrader valve does come out and with a tool I can change it without loosing all the gas. But I've found out there are many different types of Schraders. I bought some from eBay and they were wrong. Here are the different types that I know of. Do any of you guys know which Schraders I should buy?

Listed here are:
AC2672 – Standard Valve Core
AC2673 – Late Model GM High Flow Valve
AC2674 – JRA High Vlave Core
AC2675 – Vovo
AC2676 – 8mm Low Side Valve Core
AC2677 – 10mm High Side Valve Core
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