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A cheap tonneau bow fix...but effective

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I came up with a very cheap but effective bow for a tonneau cover so i figured id share. Some adaptation may be needed for models other than a YJ. I just took 2

Pool Noodles :)

and arched them width wise under the cover (no cutting required). One i placed as close as possible to the back window (i have a half cab set up) and the other just about in the middle (a little closer to the window side as it wasnt quite as taught there). I. Comparison to a full pool of water id say it eliminates about 85-90%. A short bridge between the two arches would prolly take care of the remainder but im not going to complain about the results. But i will complain a little because the store only had pink :(

Total cost ~4$
Total time ~2 minutes
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Do you have a picture? Cheap and simple fixes are always great!
Like i said a bridge between the two slightly raised would probably take care of all the pooling.

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