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A Jeep Named Sarah - '12 JKU

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This is going to be a long, slow process, but we're excited.
My bride and I recently bought a used 2012 JKU, the first Jeep for either of us. She has wanted one since she was a kid, so I don't know who talked whom into getting it. My wife loves the Terminator flicks, and is enamored by the look of Sarah Connor in her Jeep at the end of the first movie. I suggested we name our Jeep Sarah. I guess that's the beginning of our "build".

Sarah had only 14,100 miles when we picked her up and she gave us our first surprise as soon as we got her home - we thought she was black, but she's actually Black Forest Green.

We're not yet sure what we want to do - dunes, trails, rocks, mud, but Sarah's not going to be a mall-crawler. The first "mod" was an antenna bracket in order to mount a lighted whip/flag to be legal in the sand dunes called Glamis. The whip rises to eight feet from grade and has green LED's up the length of it. Glamis was our first ride off-road. What a blast. The following weekend we went up the Santa Ana mountains to Santiago Peak. We were by ourselves, unfamiliar with the trails, and don't know squat about wheeling, so we took it pretty easy.

We're signing up for an up-coming Jeep Jamboree at Big Bear, so next we added a CB and antenna to the mount we installed for the whip.

The previous owner had removed the side rails, so next we installed a pair of Smittybilt rock rails to go with a Smittybilt XRC M.O.D. front bumper with full extensions and bull-bar.

I returned to the sand rail shop where I bought the whip to get a quick-disconnect for it only to find they were clearing out some Vision-X 5" HID's at 70% off, so we added two of those to the bull-bar, but haven't wired them in yet.

Today we ripped off the cheap top (with ripped zippers) and installed a Black Twill Supertop-NX by Bestop. It's absolutely beautiful.

I'm building my own version of an S-POD and hope to have that installed in the next couple of days. I've already put four switches in the left A-piller and wiring for four more in the right A-pillar (I know that sounds dumb, but more on that later).

I'll take pictures in the next few days and figure out how to post them.

I've been reading this forum every day for the past two months and have learned a lot, but not nearly enough. I thank you all.

Here are our plans, in no particular order:

Rear bumper / tire carrier / Jerry can rack / hitch
Fog lights (need to fab something for the Smitty bumper)
20" light bar
Rear floods
2.5" lift
35" tires a new wheels, but with a 3.21 gear that means...
4.10 or 4.56 gear, but as long as I'm in there that means...
Rear locker (probably Eaton e-locker)
Front locker (probably an Aussie)
Raised rear deck

And who knows?
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Look forward to some pics!! Good luck with the build.
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