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I'm considering a regear job sometime in the near future and I started to look around for a shop to do it..
A few weeks ago a friend told me about this place in Davie next to Manheim Fort Lauderdale named OGY 4x4. I went there and the mechanic, a very nice Venezuelan guy, told me that he does that kind of work often.
Then I asked for a price including parts and he told me that he prefers if I supply the parts needed for the job.
Since members of the forum always recommend that the shop provides the parts for warranty coverage, I ask myself what kind of peace of mind will I get if I do use this guys.

Any one used them in the past? Any reviews and recommendations on this or other shops in the area?

I would love to do the job myself, but time and talent are against it...

I'd appreciate any help from S. Florida jeepers that used a shop to regear the axles.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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