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Just fixed my 2011 JK issue and wanted to explicitly describe what was happening and how I fixed it as I couldn't find my symptoms exactly elsewhere.

JK setup: 2.5" AEV lift with 33" BFG Mud Terrain KM2, 87K miles.

Symptom: When making slow speed sharp turns, such as pulling into a driveway, parking space or backing out of either, my ABS, ESC and occasionally Hill Decent lights would light up with the ding. But once I started down the road about 300 yards, everything would clear. Occassionally hasty turns while braking would activate the abs, but nothing alarming. There were no other symptoms.

I did find lots of advice that pointed me in the direction of the ABS speed sensor.

Remedy: Get the code read at a service station. My Autozone at least can only reach check engine lights, not any other warning lights. In my case, the code was a C1015, which pointed me to the front right sensor. After replacing the sensor, I can turn tightly into spaces without the warning lights going off. Problem resolved. I did check for a loose bearing but the sucker was pretty tight - I couldn't get any movement.

Steps: There are lots of steps and videos online on how to remove this cable. I found them of moderate help. The tricky part for me was removing the cable thru the dust shield without breaking anything. I recorded this short video to show how I did it without removing the bearing assembly.

You'll need a 21mm socket to get the brake assembly off but otherwise simple tools. Hope this helps.
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