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Does anyone have JW Speaker fog light that can measure the actual amps or watts the lights draw? The spec sheet says 1.5 amps at 12v (18 watts). I'm curious if reality matches the spec sheet.

Many of the inexpensive LED lights and bulbs are advertised using BS mathematical maximum watts and lumens of the LED chips. This usually results in advertising outrageously high lumens and watts. The reality is that manufacturers underdrive the LEDs to reduce heat. Almost NEVER do any automotive LEDs operate at Cree's spec sheet maximum power.

For example, the readily available JW Speaker knockoffs on Amazon and eBay are advertised as 30 watts and 10,000 lumens each for $60/pair. The reality is they only use 11 watts each, not 30. I suspect JW is using legit actual measured watts and lumens. But I don't have one to test myself
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