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I have purchased all the Mopar latches and harnesses to do the power lock upgrade OEM, andI have a 2014 JKU Willys edition that came without factory power locks/windows, and am in the process of converting to power locks. I also wish to add keyless entry--factory if possible.

I have purchased all the Mopar power actuators and harnesses to do the locks, however before I do the install I would like to know if I can use OEM (Mopar) parts to add remote keyless entry and alarm--I'd like to be able to use factory remote keyless entry in part so I can have Jeep key w/ integrated remote.

I am not sure, and I cannot seem to verify whether the Jeep ‘factory alarm system’ (not including the Sentry Key immobilizer) is included from the factory on non-power vehicles, i.e. whether I just need to add keyless entry receiver module after power locks, or whether there is an entirely separate security system that I don’t have and would also need to add to have a functioning alarm.

I understand it may be easier to accomplish this with an aftermarket system; I would like to know 1) if it is possible to do using OEM given the investment I have already made, and 2) how much it would cost in comparison.

After exhaustive research it seems no one has done exactly what I am trying to do, so any further information would be greatly appreciated. If you can set me straight feel free to PM as well.
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