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Attention Northeast Wheelers....Check out this PLAN at Adirondack Jeeps


Push for Land Acquisition Now
One Thousand People. One Cause.

We finally have a PLAN.
Adirondack Jeeps, Inc. is leading the charge to develop good, legal riding trails by developing a P.L.A.N. The Push for Land Acquisition Now initiative is a proposal to enlist the help of the 4WD community in securing land for the creation of its own trails, to be used by all of us who want a place to drive off-road.

The proposal works like this:
Based on a 3 year plan, we are looking for a “no-strings attached” donation of $100 from 1000 members of the off-road population, family, and friends. Even businesses.

This isn’t a “Save our trails” fund or “Hire a lawyer” fund.
This is a “Let’s put our tremendous resources together and get our own” proposal. We can’t do it alone, though. We’ve all seen the forums and read the emails, now we'd like to stand up and make this happen.
The potential land purchase will be selected by the Adirondack Jeeps, Inc. Board of Directors, but as this process gains momentum, as I know it will, the idea should spread to other regions, pulling resources from each other the same way we’re attempting here. The old adage “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” applies and soon the available trails for 4x4’s will finally reach a level that’s acceptable to all of us, creating a system of “private” land across the region, across the country. Regional clubs could draw on the experience of Adirondack Jeeps to help set up other similar programs, much like the environmental groups pool resources across borders.
By donating to the PLAN, you help us, yourself, and potentially thousands of others looking for the same recreational opportunities as you are. If a region adopts this strategy and one land purchase is pursued per year (creating a domino effect), that’s only $100 a year to help EVERY off-roader with the drive to make this work! It’s time for the 4WD community to work on the goal of providing something solid we can all put our hands and our wheels on.

Join the PLAN. We can do this together!

• 3 Year Plan
• Not tax deductible
• One time $100 donation per person - 1000 supporters sought
• Land purchased with PLAN funds become property of Adirondack Jeeps, Inc.
• Taxes to be paid utilizing RTP funds, fund drives, member donations, sponsors, etc.
• Any funds remaining after the purchase of the property will be set aside for tax purposes and property specific items.
• Upon selling the land or dissolving the club, proceeds will be disbursed to pay legal fees and/or obligations or to a charity selected by the BOD.
• If the goal of $100000 is attained before the 3 year deadline, donations will no longer be accepted and may be redirected to other similar programs.
• If the goal of $100000 is not attained before the deadline but falls within 8%, a six month extension may be granted.
• If donations fall short by more than the 8%, all monies will be returned to the respective contributor. If a contributor cannot be located and the $100 is unable to be processed, the money will be donated to a charity as selected by the BOD.
• If property is not or can not be selected and purchased within 2 years of reaching the PLAN goal, all funds will be returned to the respective contributors (see above).
• Anonymous donations accepted
• Minimum donations of $100. However, there is no maximum.
• Access code/password for contributors will be distributed upon funds clearing. This code should accompany all correspondence with Adirondack Jeeps, Inc.
• Current balance toward the goal will be accessed through secure login and/or filed financial reports.
• Large groups should contact Adirondack Jeeps, Inc. via email or phone (using their access code) to find out the best dates/times for use.
• Trail building/maintenance by volunteer force.

There will be no fees involved with using the property initially. Bear in mind there may need to be future changes based on tax increases, etc.

(We will not be looking at property on the market at this time)

End date June 1, 2008

For more information, join the discussion here.

Accepting Paypal payments soon.

Click HERE to donate to the PLAN

Copyright 2004, Adirondack Jeeps, Inc. Jeep is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler.

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It's all good.....but keep an eye on it, perhaps you will be passing through the Albany area someday....wouldn't it be nice to know there is a freindly/legal/FREE place to wheel?'s going to be open to everyone...regaurdless if you contribute or not......but the point is, it needs people to contribute to happen. (like me.....I still have to pony up my $100 :eek: )

So like I said, keep an eye on it. I am not sure how wheeling is in the Rochester area...but maybee something like this could be started there....maybee the idea will catch on in other places....

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yea, well a buddy of mine owns around 70-80 acres of land up in the hills/mountains whatever you want to call them. so we just go there, its not bad, make the trails with some quads then take the jeeps up ya know. rip through a field or somthin, its all just fun, nothing major or extreme. there is plenty of land for sale around there if you guys want to look over this way a bit.
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