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Hey JF,

I am thinking of getting some adjustable lower control arms, as my bushings are past due and there is a good deal going right now for lowers on RuffStuff. They do not sell "ready-made" uppers and I do not trust myself to buy the materials and weld up my own quite yet. Also, can't afford the JKS or Currie or Savvy uppers...

Jeep specs:
  • 1998 Sahara w/ 202k miles
  • 3" Zone Lift w/ Adjustable JKS Front TB
  • Stock arms on all 8... but new front uppers, as I bent them smacking a curb on ice
Like I said, my main reason for purchasing them would be just because the bushings are worn out and the clunk is driving me insane. I figure, if I am going to replace them, I may as well get adjustable lowers now and just get the adjustable uppers once they are in my budget. So, the easy thing to do is just measure my current arms and match them. Then, I am back to where I was before and I can do the full set up once I get all 8 adjustable. The easy route is never quite as fun though!

Anyway, I understand that lower control arms center the axle in the wheel wells by pushing it back, while the upper control arms control the pinion angle by rocking the axle on its axis once it is set in place by the lowers. At least, I think that I understand that... Haha.

So, my question is, what would I want to do in order to properly set up my suspension links if my uppers are fixed and my lowers are adjustable? Do I prioritize pinion angle, axle wheel-well "center-ness", or do I just put them back the way they are now and wait til I have full adjustability? I will also have to adjust my front TB to center the axle to the frame, but would not have that luxury in the back, as I just bought a relocation bracket.
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