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So I recently bought a 2015 wrangler with a 3 inch lift and 35 inch tires. The lift kit is a full out rock krawler kit and has 2.0 fox shocks. Ive heard that I may need axle modification if I want to disconnect my sway bar for hard offroading...Also im wondering if there are any other modifications I should do to avoid issues later on with this size lift and tires. I have ''some'' knowledge with this stuff but not a lot and can for sure learn a ton. If you guys can give me some recommendations of things I could upgrade to better deal with this lift and stuff please let me know and ill do some research into it. Thanks!
First, Rock Krawler doesn't do a 3" lift. They do 2.5 and they do a 3.5.
Second, unless it's just the 2.5 starter or stock mod it came with quick disconnects.

If if it has disconnects you just disconnect them. If t is the stock mod or starter system then buy some disconnects like others have said. If it's a 3.5" system and it has disconnects then you may want to be sure you have the right height bump stops that will help prevent the tires from touching any of the body or suspension at flex. If it is a 3.5" you will want to have a set of exhaust spacers otherwise your drive shaft will come in contact with the exhaust pipe at droop. If it is the 3.5" you will also at some point want to upgrade your front driveshaft to an Adams or Tom Woods drive shaft, which is skinnier, but also more solid and better joints.

Just to have the sway bar disconnected you don't have to do any axle mods.
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