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Hello Lost Jeeps,
Lost Jeeps SoCal will have an Adopt-A-Trail work day working on one of the three trails we maintain in the San Bernardino National Forest. We will be working on 2N33 Pilot Rock Ridge. Meeting at Cedar Springs Dam at 9:00 am.
The goal will be to pick up trash, clean and clear over side drain structures, remove graffiti, finish numbering drains. inspect for vandalized fencing.
For more information contact Lost Jeeps SoCal AAT Liason Richard Clark
Just posting this for any of Y'all interested. I personally can't make it, I have prior commitments at 10am, but I will be there at 9am and drop off some cases of water for those who do work it.

I know as many of you have seen, especially on the Jackrabbit runs north of Victorville, there is a lot of trash from people dumping and from target shooters.
I'd love to get involved in an effort to regularly get out and clean up some of these areas. I am not the person to organize an event like that, but would put as much support behind someone who would love to organize something like this.

With the recent events by Feinstien/Obama and many of the eco nutz fresh in mind, we need to become more proactive, or our children won't have anything to enjoy when they grow up. Mind yah, I'm not a Euell Gibbons, granola eatin'* eco tree hugger, but I also do not want to see this wonderful outdoors we have damaged and destroyed either.

*note* OK, I do like granola, I have eatin' it :)
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