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I've pretty much leased my entire life, so I never had to really worry about maintenance, besides oil changes. Well, I just purchased a 2006 LJ, with 20k miles. Obviously, he didn't drive it much, and it is in good shape. One thing I know I need to do, is fix a leaking front axle seal.

Besides doing an oil change, what other things would you recommend that I do right now? Flush radiator, change any other fluids?

I was thinking of replacing the shocks. He had a skyjacker 2" lift, including stabilizer shock. No idea what all it included, like if it came with springs. Just know it had the spacers, and shocks. I read that many people dislike this brand, and the ride is pretty stiff, so I was thinking of some Rancho 9000, since there is a rebate deal. Anyways, I will make a separate post for that, I am more concerned of what people think I should do, to get it up to date on maintenance. Thanks.
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