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Hey all, I'm one of those measure twice, then measure again before you cut types, so could use some help clarifying I have this thought out... In need of new shocks, and tires very soon, so why not make some minor improvements, amiright?

I'm not really looking for anything more than a little more attitude (~2") as this is my DD and don't want overkill, so here is the build I'm considering going with. Any advice on if I'm missing anything? Been devouring posts here but, again, measure twice...and measure...

2014 JKUR
Wheels - Procomp 69s - 17 X9 5-127.00 -6 BKMTXX
Tires - WRANGLER MT/R WITH KEVLAR, LT255 /75 R17 111Q C1 BSW
Shock/Lift (Quadratec) - Rancho 2" Sport System with RS9000XL Shocks

I think all of this will go together pretty well, but I'm just wanting to make sure with the offset/backspacing I won't run into any issues. I think I see it running 4.75" backspacing on the 9" wheel (with -6mm offset).

Plan to do the suspension lift and shocks myself, get the new treads/wheels at DTire (and a much needed alignment). Any advice welcome!

Thanks in advance!
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