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Advice on lift plan

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Saving to lift my rig this Spring
Either going with a zone 3" or OME 2 lift.
1" BL
More Bombproof 1" lift motor mount
Planning on running 33 x 10.5 tires

I want to buy new rims too. I'm a bit confused if I can should run 15 x7 or 15 x8. Also what would be the best backspacing for 33 x 10'5s?
Rig is mostly street used with some beach riding

Also am I missing anything in my build plan?
I lifted my YJ which was easy but time consuming.
I've never lifted a coil spring vehicle. On my YJ i removed the rear track bar. From what I've read on a TJ you need it.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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After 3 years since I started the "MODS"...I went with the OME lift (I had been running 31s for a while) as I said almost 3 years ago. A couple months back, I got a JKS BL and MML. And I went a little bigger/ wider on the tires 33" x 12.50" on Cragar 15s soft 8s. It still seemed "real close" when off road, so swapped out to "Bushwacker" flat flares. I also went with Zone quick discos.....I have heard that you don't need sway bar links...but to me that is a little crazy if you are driving on the road. But I know people that run without them. but not DD, they just drive on the road now and than..usually on the way to wheeling.

Tires I went for Duratracs...and I am very happy with the whole set-up...just need to change the shovel that collects all the mud on the trail.....(factory skid plate)

The wheels are 15x 8 and I think that they have 4"bs...I got the idea from what I have seen on here it is not mine...someone else figured it out first!
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Either wheel size will work fine. 15x8 will allow you to upgrade to wider larger tires later. 3.75" backspacing would be fine.
You need to keep both the front and rear trac bars on the TJ. You may want to also consider a front adjustable trac-bar if you get the 3" coils. Also give yourself more time for the install that you think it will take.
Thanks for the input.
Good idea to go for 15 x 8's
Guess I'll add a front adjustable TB to my plan if I go with the Zone 3"
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