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Hello WF,
This is my first post on here. I've mostly been reading and taking in a ridiculous amount of information for nearly 6 months and accumulating quite a list of ways to empty my pockets thanks to everyone on this forum! However, I need some help deciding what my order of mods should be. This is going to be a slow build considering I'm finishing up college and plan to have this jeep for years.

I have a 2009 X Edition 2 dr

Already has:

Front Bumper Rear Bumper (previous owner forgot what brand but I think they are both Barricades)
Rugged Ridge black cowl covers Spiderwebshade SW1
Front and rear neoprene quadratec seat covers
Quadratec rubber floor mats front, rear, & cargo Trail basket sitting in garage

Future mods:

17" wheels undecided (leaning toward Fuel)
33" tires (thinking duratracs or KO2)
Teraflex 2.5" with Rancho RS9000 shocks (still debating an AEV though)
Headlights (undecided brand)
2x2 LED light pods mounted on A-Pillar
Magnaflow exhaust
Would love a roof rack down the line (frontrunner or Gobi)
Rooftop tent
Speaker upgrade

Any advice or opinions are welcome! Thanks

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