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I know some information is in the forum, but it's variable. I'm ordering an AEV turnkey vehicle. I live in LA, and go through parking garages all day long. This is going to be a daily driver. So what I need to know is the height of people's JK250 vs JK350 with 35's. AEV advertises the 250 as 75.5" and 350 as 76.5" (6'4.5"). They say it's conservative so it will be lower with heavier bumper, winch, etc. I've had one dealer measure the 350 with 35" at 75 inches.
That's why I specifically wanted to see what people are getting with the whole AEV kit, with the hardtop. Please let me know if you have the winch and any other extras. By the way, most parking lots here are at 6'6'' or higher.
Thanks for the help.
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