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Posted this over on the AEV forum as well but don't see everyone here over there. Anyway, attempted to install the bumper and tire carrier and ran into a few snags. One is the fault of my own but the other I can't seem to remedy.

The first snafu is quite embarrassing. I stripped the threads on the bolt for the wheel mount. Don't ask if I just used the second wouldn't work anyway due to my tire/wheel combo but I tried it and...I stripped that one too. Now I think I need to re-tap the wheel mount itself. Is this even doable? The worst part of it is I had it all installed then realized I used the incorrect screw and needed to remount. Not sure if that was the culprit or not. Anyway... :facepalm:

The second issue I ran into has been frustrating. I set and drilled spindle mount (tough install this thing is). I needed a shim to level it out. I drilled frame, painted and removed the spindle for the bumper install. Then, when trying to reinstall the spindle I cannot for the life of me get the bolts back in. They go about one or two hand turns and just stop. I tried to apply some pressure with the wrench but I'm worried that it's not in straight and I'll have another wheel mount issue on my hands. After about 2 hrs I gave up on it for now. I left the bumper on and tightenend up the left side to see if that would help but no luck. Actually, I think my out of sequence tightening caused this (the bumper is on top of the allen nut that's in the spindle mount drilled hole.)

Anyone have any issues with remounting the spindle? I tried many different positions of the bumper to get them in. I am using the gold screws and not the silver that are used on the rotation bracket. Is it possible my threads aren't right on the bumper to accept the screws? Highly unlikely I know but I'm at a loss. I took the gold screws back out and they go in the gold nuts used for initial mounting perfectly. Oh, it's very tight back there. How does one get the shim back in?

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