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Airbag Light/Heater/Rear Wiper

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I have an intermittent problem that I am unable to figure out. When the dash Airbag light comes on, I lose the heater, Fan speeds and the rear Wiper. I have checked grounds, connections to the Dash (twisting pins 15% to ensure contact). Being that I am somewhat electrical wiring challenged:banghead:, I don't know what to check from here. Could this all come down to the clock spring causing the problem? If not what should I check now?
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Believe it or not you may have a bad ignition switch. There is a black/orange wire coming from the ignition switch to the fuse block behind the glove box. That powers fuses 5, 6, 7 & 8. If you lose power to those fuses that will explain everything you are losing. I’m not sure but I assume that no power to the air bag module (fuse 5) will set the light. Then fuse 6 is the rear wiper, fuse 7 is the rear defroster, & fuse 8 is heat/ac control & blower motor. Here is a link to a video on replacing the switch. It deals with the actuator pin but the switch is removed as part of that fix. If you replace the switch take a good look at the actuator pin since they are known to crack & break so it might be a good time to check it & replace it while it is apart. When this happens use a test light or volt meter to see if those 4 fuses have power. If all are dead then the switch is bad. You can also try turning the ignition on & off ‘til the air bag light goes off since it is intermittent but eventually it will go out completely.

Replacing the actuator & ignition switch with video.

Photo of actuator pin & ignition switch.
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:nonono: Double posted.
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