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New Jeep has 700 miles on it. It has pulled right since the day I bought it.

I contacted the dealer within a week to let them know, but haven't been able to get the JK to them. I did take it to NTB. Attached is what they showed.

Drove it home, still pulling to the right. Dealer is my next visit.

Any thoughts?

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That right rear toe was way off!

Seems like the guy who adjusted it, knew what he was doing.

With those new numbers, I am guessing, it may be a radial pull issue. Or maybe give it time for the tires to break in again after having it adjusted. Lastly, you can do a premature tire rotation using the 5 tire rotation method.

Also, can you give the guy a 6 pack and make him adjust the left rear toe ever so slightly to get it to be 0.11-0.12?

See if that helps...
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